Transport Depot / Warehousing Insurance

altProtect your peace of mind against a range of risks that may occur to your Depot / Warehouse, no matter the location, size and construction type – let us at Connect Insurance assist you in finding the “Greatest Cover at a Great Price”

There are several Business Insurance Policy available for Transport Depots.

  •  Industrial Special Risks Insurance
  • Business Insurance

Policy options are summarised as follows.


Industrial Special Risks Insurance

Industrial Special Risks Insurance is designed for business’s generally with high asset values over $5,000,000. It combines individual sections of cover (fire and perils, consequential loss, theft, money and glass) under one policy. 

The ISR policy has numerous versions the most common being the industry agreed wordings, ISR Mark IV & Mark V. It is a broad commercial insurance wording and is generally tailored to the specific risk associated to the individual business by way of endorsements, which alter the scope of the cover.


Business Insurance

Business Insurance provides protection and peace of mind for businesses against a range of risks. Insured events can include:

?         Fire & Perils,
?         Business Interruption (Consequential Loss),
?         Public & Products (Broadform) Liability,
?         Theft/Burglary
?         Money Coverage
?         Glass Breakage
?         Employee Dishonesty
?         Machinery Breakdown
?         Electronic Equipment Breakdown
?         Goods in Transit
?         General Property
?         Tax Audit


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