Risk Management

Let our expert team pin point how to identify and minimising your risk which will assist in reduced premiums that may affect the viability of your business

Risk Management plays a very important role in the Insurance products of today.

We can assist you in managing risk. Effective Risk management will reduce not only your insurance costs, but will also favorably impact your overall costs in doing business. You know the Transport business, we know the insurance business. We understand the issues that can result in higher – or lower insurance costs. We can help you by giving you access to resources, consultants and advice on current safety trends.

Your company can utilise these services:

  • Safer reviews to develop goals for improvement
  • Evaluation of insurance company driver eligibility guidelines
  • Risk improvement ideas
  • Access to Safety training programs for management and drivers
  • We can help arrange workshops, attend safety meetings, keep you informed of safety seminars, coordinate safety surveys and mock compliance audits

At Connect, our experience in and around the transport industry enables us to recommend many alternatives that are designed to accommodate individual or company requirements.

Our staff know the business, which can give you a competitive edge – from the initial consultation to addressing on-going needs by assisting with safety issues and in claims administration, we can help keep insurance costs under control. “We can deliver the goods”.

We want to help you make our highways a safer place for everyone, including you and your drivers. By understanding complex compliance issues, promoting better training and education for both the professional driver AND the average road users, and implementing quality insurance programs with companies that understand the trucking business, we’ll go a long way toward that goal….!

Risk Management Partners:

  • DECA
  • OH & S
  • Trucksafe
  • Truckcare
  • NHVAS Mass Management and Maintenance Management
  • Transitional Fatigue Management Training


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