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Incidents Will Occur

You’re a Business Operator and you work hard. If you have a loss, imagine how much better it is to have a specialist working on your side. One who really knows your industry. Some one who knows how to get the ball rolling quickly and get your claim processed promptly and fairly

When push comes to shove one of the greatest benefits when using Connect is that we get on your case quickly, and we stay on it. We make sure the Insurance Company process you claim in the shortest possible time. Our claims management team work for you.

Connect Insurance thoroughly understands the impact that claims costs and expenses have on your organisation’s bottom line. Our claims management staff offers comprehensive consulting services to design, develop, implement, and monitor value-added claims costs control programs. We will work closely with you to assist with routine and more involved claim issues, involving insurance carriers and third party administrators. We will assist in the claims process from beginning to end, acting as your advocate, providing proactive claim services.

When a potential claim arises, regardless of the damage caused, you can rest assured that we will be involved to manage your claim.

We want you to be able to get on with business instead of becoming entrenched in all the discussions and negotiations with the insurers, and relieve the stress from talking to the Third Parties, at all time keeping you informed.

By Connect Insurance being involved in the claims will also give you an opportunity to see what impact this will make on your bottom line for the following renewal, we want to establish the best course of action and advise you of the procedure to adopt in order to pursue your claim. The following sets will generally be taken.

Any incident or event likely to give rise to a claim should be immediately reported to our office as soon as possible.

Should a major incident occur and you require immediate assistance, contact should be made to Dev Colpan on 0419 211 977

For theft of Property or Money, it is necessary to report the loss to police.

Connect Insurance should be contacted if a claim is not been handled satisfactorily.

In all cases involving a known or potential claim involving your liability to other parties, it is essential that you do not admit liability or make any offer of settlement to the other party as your right to indemnity under your insurance may be prejudiced.

Claim for your down-time or additional cost of working

Did you know that if someone else was at fault you are entitled to claim your down-time from the person who caused the accident or from their Insurer.

Only trouble is, you have to work out and prove your loss of income or increased cost of working. Then you have to argue convincingly enough to get paid these costs.

But… if you are insured through Connect Insurance, you do not have to worry. We have available qualified professionals to help you get everything you are entitled to.

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